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Design/Build High Voltage Distribution System Camp Barry Great Lakes Training Center, Illinois

Project Cost: $4,194,919.00
Completion: January 2010
Contract Method: Firm Fixed Price

Brief Description of Project:

This project involved the design and construction of a new 15kv distribution system at Camp Barry to replace the existing 4.16kv system. A new 15kv duct system with pad mounted sectionalizing cabinets, pad mounted switches, pad mounted transformers and new secondary service entrances was installed to re-feed the buildings around the Camp Barry campus. A new 15kv switchgear lineup was installed at substation H50 for the source of the 15kv feeder. The feeder was tied in a loop configuration to the existing Mainside 15kv loop at an existing switch.

The project also included replacement of the existing 34.5kv switchgear at substation M40. That work included modification and reconnection of the fiber optic communication cable systems for the line differential relays and the SCADA system.


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